#SheVotes campaign gets young women to vote

By Rob Green

Eighteen to 30-year-old women are one of the least likely demographics to vote in this election.

They are also one of the least likely to be sure of who they will vote for.

The #SheVotes message is a push for young women to make themselves heard and use their vote to make a difference at this crucial election.

A turnout of 69.3% at the last election that resulted in a hung parliament could be drastically different should a large portion of the 14.5 million non-voters turn out this year.

Rachel Bamford, 21, said: “The age I am (21/22) is the age that’ll be most affected. I’m voting for a future that I will work and live in and the possible changes that a government will make will affect my life more than that of my retired parents.

“In many countries women still aren’t allowed the vote so it’s important that we make the most of it.”

Shakira Henry, 20, a student at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “As a woman I voted because it hasn’t always been a woman’s right and it’s important to consider the history of how we’re able to vote today.

“I think others should vote because it’s our democratic right and it’s the only real way in which we can have our say on how we’d like country to be governed.

“I voted this time mainly because I want to reject another term of a Conservative government and I see a better future in the Labour Party for the people of all backgrounds.”


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