SHU lecturer watches election unfold in Azerbaijan

Sheffield Hallam University is being represented at the British Embassy in Azerbaijan as the UK General Election results come in.

Journalism lecturer Richard Wilson is teaching at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport (ASAPES) in the capital Baku.

The academy, which is partnered with SHU, has recently launched a Masters in Sport Journalism in English.

Richard travelled to the former Soviet country earlier this week to teach students there. And tomorrow he is to be the special guest of the British Ambassador James Sharp, who is hosting a reception as the election results come in.

“This is a great honour, and an unexpected one,” said Richard. “I am enjoying teaching here in Azerbaijan, but it is strange not being back in the UK for this important election. Now I can be a part of it.

“Baku is four hours ahead of the UK. So when I get to the embassy at 7am the results will just be starting to come in.”

The British embassy opened in Baku 27 years ago, soon after Azerbaijan gained independence.


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