Recipes from food delivery service Simply Cook have me hooked

By Jamie Lei Roberts

Food boredom is a thing of the past”, claimed food delivery service Simply Cook as it invited me to delve in to its authentic recipes from around the world.

Being creative at meal time (Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels)

I selected the two-person box for £8.99 per month, but the boxes can be bought individually for £9.99 (without the strings of a subscription attached). Each box contains four recipes and the stocks, spices, rubs or pastes that you will need to create your chosen dishes.

The recipes usually only contain a couple of ingredients for you to add to your shopping list and they only take between ten to 25 minutes to make. The recipes are straightforward, and the fresh ideas never end, with over 100 recipes available. They even have an easy to navigate website and a free app. They really earn their title, ‘Simply Cook’.

An ooze of flavour with a side of culture

In my first box I ordered the glazed and griddled Miso Cod, the sweet and fiery Crispy Chilli Beef, the fragrant and indulgent Vietnamese Pork and the light and aromatic Teriyaki Salmon Donburi. If I wasn’t using this service to broaden my palate and try new things, I would order each of these recipes a second time. To describe each of these dishes as a taste sensation doesn’t do them justice. You get an ooze of flavour with a side of culture.

This service is great for anybody who is struggling to find inspiration in the kitchen, busy mums looking for hassle-free ways to feed the family, and it’s even an exciting alternative for students who may be bored of instant noodles and beans on toast. Since the boxes only add up to £2 on top of the weekly shop, Simply Cook is a realistic addition to anybody’s kitchen. They also have a variety of gluten-free and vegan options so all can enjoy.

There are loads of food delivery services, so you’re probably wondering if this one takes the cake. I have tried Hello Fresh before, however their prices start at £26.99 per week (three meals for two people), which makes it a much bigger investment.

Hello Fresh, along with similar services, send fresh ingredients in the box, so you can’t alter the recipes to your liking or save them for when you’re really craving them.  Simply Cook describe their recipes as “flexible”- perfect for fussy eaters and utilising what’s already in the cupboards.

I have now been subscribed for a few months, and I will continue to use Simply Cook because it makes dinner time a whole lot easier (and tastier). The recipes really are delicious, and I would recommend trying out the service if you’re bored of bland and looking to expand your repertoire.

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