How home exercise helped a Doncaster gym instructor’s mental health during lockdown

By Michael Hoystead

A Doncaster gym instructor has spoken about how a simple home exercise routine helped his mental health during lockdown.

The link between mental health and exercise is one that has been explored extensively and with gyms being shut in lockdown, many people were forced to try new ways of keeping occupied.

Lockdown took its toll on many people’s mental health (Photo: Andrew Neel, Pexels)

Keeping in shape is part of the job and his lifestyle for Dean Mychaljuk, 43, and he also teaches several classes to members to help people keep fit.

Dean felt that lockdown wouldn’t affect him but he said: “I recall days at the start where I didn’t even want to get out of bed or get dressed.”

However, through a home exercise routine including a simple walk around the local area, he improved

He said: “My home workout routine during the day kept fitness up and muscles strong and this kept my mind active.”

This need to keep active was also felt by those who were not the fittest or most active person.

Spencer Keyworth, a 20-year-old IT consultant from Doncaster, admits that lockdown was tough on his mental health as well as feeling trapped because of working at home.

Spencer Keyworth

He said he used his spare time in lockdown “to become a better version of myself”. Starting out with a simple walk every morning to building up to a daily run.

He said: “Two months later I now feel the benefit both physically and mentally.”

Both men say lockdowns could have been beneficial because they will keep up their routines now life is returning to normal.

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