Fury vs Wilder 3: My Immediate Reaction

Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

By Louis Devereux

I have now had a couple of days to process Fury vs Wilder 3, and I am still unsure of how to translate what I witnessed into written form. It’s a special feeling watching something live, knowing that it will go down in history and still be talked about and referenced in 30 years’ time, and for good reason too.

Both men came back from the brink of defeat several times, both men had to pick themselves up off the canvas, and both men pushed themselves further than they ever had before.

It was Fury who eventually came out on top, his 11th round Knockout victory putting a definitive end to the greatest trilogy in heavyweight history, and one of the best trilogies in all of boxing.

The first fight saw drama and controversy, the second was one of the most impressive beatdowns in recent history, and the third fight was the best of them all, with both men hitting the canvas a number of times.

Wilder was put down in the third round and it appeared as if Fury was going to make easy work of him two fights in a row. The fourth round told a different story, however, with Fury having to climb to his feet not once but twice, looking the most wobbled he had ever been in his career.

Fury managed to claw back momentum in the next few rounds and I was shouting at the TV, insisting that ‘Wilder is done, this is it, this is it!’ for about four rounds straight. It took 11 rounds for Fury to knock Wilder down and keep him down but when he did, he solidified himself as the greatest heavyweight of this generation.

Tyson Fury, whilst he may not be a top 10 all-time great heavyweight, will certainly be talked about in years to come and unless something drastically changes or he goes on too long, I don’t think he will ever be beaten as a heavyweight.

It wasn’t Fury’s best or most skilful performance, but it was certainly the most exciting. A historic night in boxing.

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