COP26: What do Sheffielders hope it will achieve, and how are they doing their bit for the environment?

By Jim Jefferies and Phoebe Melmoth

While world leaders are making pledges in Glasgow to save the planet from catastrophic climate change, we took to the streets of Sheffield to find out what people are hoping will be achieved by COP26 and what they are prepared to do as individuals to help.

Norman Hardy

Norman Hardy (68) said: “I think as a country we’ve been really ignorant as to what is happening to the earth. Everything we were warned about years ago has come true.

“The main thing I’d like to see come from COP26 is that all the countries are rallying round to put in an equal effort to save the environment.

“If everyone doesn’t put in to help, then no change is going to be made, which is why I think it’s unfair that China hasn’t turned up.”

Hannah Shiell

Hannah Shiell (20) said: “My biggest concern is the amount of plastic waste in the ocean. I’m worried about the future and how it is going to affect my children and grandchildren.

“I’d like to see recycling being enforced more. The bins provided by my council aren’t big enough for a house of six students so it’s hard for us to recycle properly. I also think there needs to be more education on what’s happening to the environment, and the main things we can do to help.”

Joel McNicolls

Joel McNicolls (19)- “For me one of the biggest environmental issues right now is on-the-go plastic waste. People are buying new plastic water bottles every day instead of using reusable bottles.

“If you accumulate that to everyone else in the world not using a reusable bottle then plastic waste is just building up and building up.

“The government needs to step up. A small thing I’d like to see come from COP26 is something like introducing re-fill points to create an incentive for people to reuse bottles.

Susan Hardy (68) said: “I worry about the future for our children and grand-children. It’s only going to get worse.

“You have to feel sorry for the younger generations.

“We’ve never had a car, we only ever walk or use public transport to do our bit for the environment.”

John Milton

John Milton (65) said: “I am hoping that they will agree on cutting emissions and tackling deforestation. 

“I do everything I can to help. I recycle, I am almost a vegan, and I don’t use my car a great deal. Today I used public transport.”

Elizabeth Deakin

Elizabeth Deakin (19) believes that we rely too much on fossil fuels and that we can all do a bit more to help prevent climate change. 

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