Hallam Handmade makes a comeback in time for Christmas

By Jim Jefferies & Chloe Menesse

Talented students brought Hallam Handmade back in time for the festive period after it was cancelled last year because of the pandemic.

The event allows Sheffield Hallam University students the opportunity to sell their own products and promote their businesses.

From artsy prints to handmade jewellery, there was plenty on offer for Christmas shoppers.

This year enabled some students to take part in another Hallam Handmade in their final year at university.

Melisa Faye, who runs her small business Glasshouse Jewellery, said: “I make jewellery out of sea glass and stones that I have picked up from the coasts of England.

“My charm products use charms that I have bought from other small businesses.

“I started this business in lockdown and that was done online, but it’s nice to do it face-to-face and see the customers.”

She took part in Hallam Handmade two years ago with a different business, but this was the first time some of the other creatives were taking part.

Ryan, who runs RAW designs, said: “This is my first Hallam Handmade. It would be nice if people bought stuff, but I just want to showcase what I can do.

“I do illustrations of architecture, pride art and musical theatre all in the style of vector art. I started in lockdown as a hobby and now it has developed into a business.”

The event took place this week inside the Head Post Office with the Hallam pop-up shop available for entrepreneurial students to rent out during the year.  

Olivia Tate runs Olivia Tate Design. She said: “This is my first Hallam Handmade, but I have done other craft stalls before. I booked the pop-up shop on Howard Street the other day, but it was a bit quiet. I am hoping today is a bit busier.

“My brand is based around female empowerment, body positivity and self-love. It is about spreading positivity online, because the internet is becoming a very negative place.”

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