Team Hallam sports round-up

By Joel Musa

A weekly round-up of TEAM HALLAM’s latest results, alongside all the action on campus this week.

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Men’s 1s 0 vs 8 Loughborough 1s Knockout
Women’s 1s p vs p Strathclyde 1s

Just the one match which ended in defeat for the men’s badminton team however they have a strong team and will surely bounce back with games against Durham 3’s during the week.

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Men 2s 56 vs 90 Manchester Mets 2s Men 3s 36 vs 69 Durham 3s Knockout
Women’s 1s 75 vs 63 Edinburgh 2s

Men’s 1s 59 vs 52 Strathclyde 1s

Some tough fixtures against tough opposition for the Basketball men’s 2s and 3s. However, both the men’s and women’s 1s were able to win difficult knockout games to move on to the next round.

If you would like to show the Basketball team your support during the week both
Men and Women’s 1s will be playing at the EIS multi-sport facility on Wednesday with tip-off scheduled for 6pm with the Men taking on Leeds 1s on netball court 2
and the Women facing off against the Bangor 1’s on Netball court 3.


Women 2s 1 vs 1 Huddersfield 1s Women 3s 1 vs 1 Keele 1s

Men 2s p vs p Sunderland 1s Men 3s 3 vs 1 Hull 2s
Men 4s 1 vs 1 Leeds Trinity 3s

Not a single loss for the football team’s this week with draws for the most part alongside a convincing 3-1 win for the Men’s 3s.

Most of the football team will be traveling for their next set of matches, with 4 out of 5 matches this week away. The single home game will be the men’s 2’s against Northumbria Men’s 2s on Wednesday at the Hallam sports park, with a 4:30 pm kick-off.


Golf 1s 3.5 vs 2.5 UCLan 3s
Golf 2s 3 vs 3 Manchester Met 2s

A draw and a difficult win for the golf team. After playing against UCLan, Golf 1s player Michael Edwards had this to say about the game.
‘’The team put in a hard-fought effort, thinking we’d come away with a draw at best but the team managed to go above expectations and win.’’

Michael and the golf team will be back in action next week when they take on York 2s Unfortunately that game will be played off-campus.

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Women 1s 2 vs 1 Leeds 2s Women 2s p vs p Hull 1s

Men 1s 2 vs 1 Durham 2s
Men 2s 2 vs 2 Northumbria 1s Men 3s 1 vs 0 Leeds Beckett 3s

Another undefeated team this week with 3 wins and a draw, a fantastic round of fixtures for the hockey team.
Show your support for the men’s 3’s this week as they battle York men’s 3’s in Abbeydale at 14:30. The men’s 1’s and 2’s are also playing this week however their games will be away.


Women’s 1s 7 vs 18 Durham 4s Knockout

Men’s 1s 8 vs 1 Nottingham 2s

Amazing 8-1 victory for the men’s lacrosse 1’s seeing them through to the next round of knockout games. A fixture each for the men’s and women’s 1’s, while the women travel to Durham the men’s team will be at the sports park taking on Liverpool 1’s at 13:30 on Wednesday


Netball 1s 34 vs 66 Leeds 4s
Netball 2s 37 vs 32 York 2s
Netball 3s 34 vs 61 Durham 4s
Netball 4s 60 vs 25 Cumbria 1s
Netball 5s 33 vs 43 Huddersfield 2s
A mixture of wins and loses for the netball team this week, the 4s were outstanding with an impressive 60-25 win over Cumbria 1’s

Only the one fixture for the netball team which the women 6s locking horns with Northumbria 4s At 4 pm at the EIS on Wednesday

Rugby union

Women’s 1s WO vs – UCLan1s
Men’s 1s 0 vs 31 Liverpool 2s
Sadly the men’s 1s quest for knockouts glory has come to an end with a defeat to Liverpool 2s earlier this week.

This week, both rugby union fixtures will take place at the sports park at 2 pm on Wednesday. The men’s 2s go up against Durham 5s on rugby field 2, While the women’s 1s challenge Edge Hill 1s on rugby field 1.

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Men’s 1s 2 vs 3 Leed Beckett 1s

After a close game, the men’s 1s were unable to defeat the Leeds Beckett 1s in the squash team’s only fixture of the week. The squash team has no fixtures this week.


Men’s 1s 3 vs 3 Leeds Beckett 5s
Men’s 2s 1 vs 5 Sheffield 2s
Two fixtures for the Tennis team this week with a draw and a loss against two top-quality teams. This week while the men’s 1s travel to Liverpool, the women’s 1s take on York 2s at Hallamshire with a 12pm start time.

American football

American football 60 vs 25 Derby

The American football team continued their stunning form with a dominating 60-25 win over Derby.
A big game for the American football team this week, who take on their rivals from the University of Sheffield.

Ready for futsal (Photo by Pascal Swier for Unsplash,com)


Women’s 1s 0 vs 15 Durham 2s Women’s 1s 3 vs 3 Northumbria 2s Women’s 1s 0 vs 8 Manchester 1s Knockout

Men’s 1s 7 vs 6 Liverpool 1s

A hard round of fixtures for the futsal team however they were able to win a tight knockout game by 1 goal to advance.

Five fixtures for the futsal team, sadly only one of these are a home game, men’s 1s challenge Liverpool 1s

Rugby league

Men’s 1s 18 vs 24 Lanchester 1s
A tight game between two very good teams with the Rugby league team unable to defeat Lanchester 1s.
There are no rugby league fixtures this week.


Women’s 1s 20 vs 9 Manchester 1s

A runaway victory for Women 1s in a brilliant display against top tier Manchester 1s
The women’s 1s are hoping to continue their good form when they play Chester 1s at 1 pm on Wednesday at Ponds Forge.

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