Team Hallam weekly round-up

By Joel Musa

A weekly round-up of TEAM HALLAM’s latest results, alongside all the action on campus this week.

Field hockey (Photo by


Men’s 1’s – vs WO UCL 1

Three huge games for the badminton team this week which will see the women’s 1’s travel to Liverpool whiles the men’s 2’s and 3’s will both play at the EIS facilities on Wednesdays
With the 2’s taking on york at 2 pm and the 3’s taking on Leeds at 4 pm


Men 2’s 45 vs 55 Liverpool 1’s
Men 3’s p vs p York St Johns 1’s
Men’s 1’s 77 vs 68 UWS 1’S
Sadly Liverpool was able to defeat our men’s 2’s this week in a highly competitive match but our men’s 1’s were able to secure a victory against tough opponents.

This week the groundbreaking women’s team return to action with a quarterfinal game against Aberdeen women’s 1’s this game is taking place in the EIS center at 3:30 pm Please show your support in any way possible.


Women 2’s 2 vs 3 Sheffield 2’s Men 2’s 3 vs 0 Sheffield 4’s Men 3’s 0 vs 3 Bradford 1’s Men 4’s p vs p Leeds Trinity 3’s

Unfortunately, just the one win for the football teams this week, the men’s 2’s convincing defeat of local rivals the University of Sheffield scoring three goals as their opponents were unable to respond.

Big week for the football team this week with two league games and an all-or-nothing semi-final. Luckily all three fixtures are taking place at the sports park. The semi-final will see Hallam go up against Lancaster men’s 1’s with a 1:15 kick-off.


Golf 1’s 4 VS 2 Liverpool 2’s
Golf 2’s 3.5 vs 2.5 Liverpool John Moore 1’s

Two games, two wins for the golf teams this week. with both teams continuing their stellar run of games and comfortably fighting off the visitor from Liverpool.

Another Sheffield derby as the Golf team takes on University of Sheffield and for our golf 2’s this game couldn’t have come at a better time as they look to continue their great run of form


Men 2’s 1 vs 2 York 1’s

Men 3’s 1 vs 1 Leeds 4’s

A loss and a draw for the hockey teams week with two tight games in which both Hallam teams fought until the final whistle.

This week the women’s 2’s are back in action as they take on Leeds 3’s at Abbeydale Meanwhile, both men’s teams have semi-final cup games, Durham trying to stop the men’s 2’s road to the final. And the men’s 3’s take part in an all Sheffield semi-final against the rivals university of Sheffield.


Men’s 1’s 0-11 leed’s 1’s

A hard defeat to take for the men’s 1’s against a top-class opponent however they have the chance to redeem themself when they challenge Lancaster 1’s in the sports park at 1:30.

Rugby union

Women’s 1’s 19 vs 29 Durham 2’s Knockout

Men’s 1’s 19 vs 27 Manchester 2’s

A hard round of fixtures for the rugby union team this week unfortunately being slightly outmatched.
Both men and women 1’s have big games taking place at the sports park this Wednesday

With the men taking on Liverpool 2’s 14:00 while the women battle York at 5:30.

American football (Photo by

American football

American football 35 vs 24 Sheffield 1’s

In An amazing win, the American football team silenced their rivals with a dominant victory over the University of Sheffield.
The American football team have no fixtures this week


Men’s 1’s 3 vs 2 Durham 3’s

A hard-fought victory for the squash who was pushed till the end but proved to be too much for Durham

The squash team has no fixtures this week.

Table Tennis

Big game for the table tennis team as they make their way to Liverpool to take on the men 1’s in what should be a very competitive match-up.


Women 1’s WO VS – York 1’s Men’s 1’s P vs P York 1’s

Men’s 1 and 2’s both have games at Hallamshire this week at 12 pm

The 1’s will be taking on York on the inside courts while the 2 go up against Leeds Beckett.


Men’s 1’s 6 vs 2 Lancaster 2’s Men’s 1’s 5 vs 5 Liverpool 1’s Men’s 2’s 4 vs 5 York 2’s
Men’s 2’s 5 vs 3 Sunderland 2’s

A round of great matches for the futsal team scoring 20 points across 4 fixtures this week, losing only one.

The men’s 2’s and women’s 1’s are both in action this week with the women taking on Durham in a cup clash this Wednesday.

Rugby league

Men’s 1’s 18 vs 24 Lanchester 1’s

An unfortunate result for the rugby league team however the Hallam ruby team is one of the strongest there is and can hopefully bounce back on Wednesday as they travel to Newcastle in hopes of getting back to winning ways.


Men’s 1’s 3 vs 1 Exeter

A single game won convincingly by the volleyball team, the men’s team looks to carry his form into their quarter-final match against Durham away. The other fixture on Wednesday sees the women’s 1’s take on UCLan at the EIS at 4 pm.


Women’s 1’s 34 vs 18 Dundee 1’s Men’s 1’s WO vs – Exeter 1’s

An absolutely stunning win for the women’s water polo team who saw off Dundee in style
They will look to continue their great form when they travel to York on Wednesday. The men are also back in action this week with a quarter-final clash against Durham men’s 1’s.

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