Team Hallam sports weekly round-up

By Joel Musa

Winning at watepolo (Photo by Unsplash)


Women’s 1’s 0 vs WO Leeds 1’s Men’s 2’s – vs WO Sunderland 1’s Men’s 3’s 0 vs 8 Newcastle 3’s

An unfortunate week for the badminton team, only 1 of the 3 scheduled games were played, and sadly it ended in a defeat. This week at 8pm the women’s 1’s host Manchester women’s 1’s taking place inside the EIS arena.


Men 2’s 46 vs 104 Manchester Met 2’s Knockouts
Women’s 1’s 42 vs 96 Nottingham Trent 1’s

Men’s 1’s 70 vs 100 Nottingham Trent 1’s

A winless round of games for the Basketball team who put their all in against top-class competitions. Well done to the men 1’s who just missed out on a place in the cup final, however, if they keep playing and progressing as they have been, surely they will get themselves some silverware in the near future.

No fixture for the basketball team this week.


Women 1’s 2 vs 2 York 1’s
Women 2’s 4 vs 2 Huddersfield 1’s

Men 2’s 1 vs 2 Sunderland 1’s Men 3’s 1 vs 0 Hull 2’s
Men 4’s 1 vs 2 Leeds Trinity 3’s

A mixed bag for the football teams this week well done to the men’s 2’s for an impressive 4-2 victory over Huddersfield.
Teesside, Leeds, and York are among the teams that the football teams will host this Wednesday as the teams have 5 matches scheduled at the sports park between 13:30 and 16:30.


It’s not often that you know the result of a final before it takes place but it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that Sheffield Hallam has won the futsal conference cup. As our Men’s 1’s and 3’s Futsal teams are playing each other in the final of the Conference Cup on Thursday March 10 at EIS at 6 pm regardless of the result huge shout-out to the futsal team for taking over the cup final.


Golf 2’s WO VS – Lancaster 1’s Knockout
Golf 1’s vs 5 UCLan 3’s

A heartbreaking semi-final for the golf team as they lose to UCLan in the cup hopefully, the teams can bounce back this week with a game against Manchester met in Hillsborough on Wednesdays at 10:30.


Women 1’s 0 vs 3 Leeds 2’s Women 2’s 1vs 6 Hull 1’s

Men 2’s 5 vs 3 Northumbria 1’s Men 3’s 2 vs 3 Leed’s 2’s

A hard round for the hockey team this week with just the one win hopefully things can be turned around this week as the men’s 2’s take on Leeds at Abbeydale at 19:30.


Woman 1’s 10 vs 9 Leeds 4’s

An amazing hard-fought effort for the lacrosse who were able to get their first win of the season in a 10 – 9 win against Leeds, huge shout-out to the team that refused to give up. The ladies are not playing next week but the men are as they travel to Lancaster for their match.

A first win for the women’s lacrosse team (Photo by


Netball 1’s 39 vs 66 Leeds 4’s Netball 2’s 32 vs 31 York 2’s Netball 3’s 20 vs 68 Durham 4’s Netball 4’s wo vs – Cumbria 1’s Netball 6’s 41 vs 40 Sheffield 5’s

Some difficult fixtures this week, the 3’s and 6’s were able to dig deep and secure victory. Only one home game for the netball team this week which sees the women’s 1’s go up against Leeds in the EIS arena at 16:30.

Rugby union

Women’s 1’s 36 vs 0 Liverpool John Moores 1’s Men’s 1’s 13 vs 3 Keele 1’s

Two dominating victories for the rugby union team winning both of the fixtures with both teams display great defences with the men’s 1’s only conceding 3 points and the women’s 1’s were unbreakable conceding nothing.

The ladies travel to Liverpool as the women’s 1’s take on Liverpool John Moores next week.


Men’s 1’s 2 vs 4 Leeds Beckett 5’s
Men’s 2’s 0 vs 6 Sheffield 1’s
The tennis teams were unable to secure a win in the very hard games they had this week but look to change their form as both tennis teams take on Leeds at Hallamshire tennis club with a 12 o’clock start time.

American football

American football 35 vs 0 Sheffield 1’s

Apparently, the American football team does know what pressure is as they were absolutely dominating once again, however, this time it was while playing against their bitter rivals scoring 35 points against the University of Sheffield without a single response, a huge shout-out to the American football team.

The team has a well-earned week off with no fixtures this week.

Rugby league

Men’s 1’s 18 vs 24 Lanchester 1’s
A close game that ended in defeat after both teams gave it they’re all. No home fixtures this week but the men’s 1 travel to Bradford this week.


Men’s 1’s 3 vs 1 Exeter

Exeter was shown the exit as they were on the receiving end of a loss by the hands of the men’s 1’s.
No fixtures for the volleyball team this week.


Women’s 1’s 34 vs 18 Dundee 1’s Men’s 1’s WO vs – Exeter 1’s

Women’s 1’s 30 vs 11 Loughborough 1’s

The women’s 1’s with two massive wins last week including a 30-11 semi-final victory to see them through the conference cup final. So huge shout-out to the waterpolo team and, they may not be the only waterpolo team to reach a final as on Wednesday the men’s 1’s go toEdinburgh for the championship semi-final. good luck to both times as they hunt for cup glory.
One home game at Ponds Forge for the women’s waterpolo team against Manchester women’s 1’s.

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