Team Hallam Sports Round-up

By Joel Musa

Ready for action (Photo by

American football

American football men’s 1’s 23 vs 15 Loughborough 1’s

The winning streak continues for the American football team with a big win over Loughborough 1’s, the team is getting stronger week by week.


Women’s 1’s 75 vs 71 Sheffield 1’s Men’s 1’s 74 vs 75 Leeds Beckett 1’s

Two very tight, high scoring games this week for the basketball team, unfortunately, the men 1’s weren’t able to secure the win against Leeds Beckett but the women 1’s were able to continue the time-old tradition of beating the University of Sheffield.


Women’s 2’s 0 vs 0 York St john 1’s Men’s 1’s 3 vs 1 Leeds 1’s
Men’s 2’s 4 vs 0 Teesside 2’s Men’s 2’s 1 vs 6 Leeds Beckett 3’s Men’s 3’s wo vs – Leeds city 1’s Men’s 4’s 4 vs 2 York 3’s

A great week for the football team with just one loss this week The men’s 2’s were particularly impressive having two games this week and winning both of them.


Golf 2’s wo vs – Manchester met 2’s

On the green (Photo by


Women 1’s 1 vs 1 Newcastle 1’s Women 2’s 1 vs 2 Hull 1’s

Men 2’s 3 vs 2 Leeds 2’s
Huge win for the men’s 2’s against their rivals Leeds


Men’s 1’s 2 vs 5 Lancaster 1’s
A loss against a really good side for the men’s 1’s hope they will be back to winning ways soon.

Rugby union

Women’s 1’s 79 vs 0 Liverpool st johns Moores 1’s Men’s 1’s 12 vs 42 Bradford 1’s

This week the women 1’s played, St Johns Moores 1’s for the second time in two weeks, without conceding a single point in either game.


Women’s 1’s 3 vs 3 York 2’s Men’s 2’s 0 vs 6 Leeds 1’s Men’s 3’s 0 vs 6 Leeds 3’s

A hard round of games this week for the tennis team with a draw against york and 2 losses against Leeds who are an extremely good team.

Rugby league

Men’s 1’s 18 vs 24 Lanchester 1’s
A loss in the cup for rugby league unfortunate their cup run has come to an end but well done to the effort and work that was put in.


Men’s 1’s 3 vs 1 Exeter

A single game ended in a win for the volleyball team with a solid 3-1 over Exeter.


Women’s 1’s 27 vs 4 Chester 1’s Men’s 1’s 9 vs 10 Edinburgh 1’s

A great win for the women 1’s who had another brilliant win in preparation for their cup final in a couple of weeks.

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