Team Hallam weekly sports round-up

Photo by calvin jung on Unsplash

By Joel Musa

Men’s 3’s 5 vs 3 Newcastle 3’s
Another great win for the badminton who were able to beat Newcastle

Women’s 1’s 81 vs 61 Leeds Beckett 1’s
Men’s 1’s 63 vs 56 Sheffield 1’s
Men’s 2’s 49 vs 72 UCLan 1’s

The women’s 1’s with a very impressive victory against Leeds Beckett
1’s winning the game by a huge 20 points lead.

Women’s 2’s 1 vs 1 Durham 3’s
Men’s 1’s 2 vs 1 UCLan 1’s

A draw and a win for the football team who have been having a great
run of form at the moment.

Men’s 3’s 0 vs 2 Liverpool John Moore 1’s
Men’s 3’s 8 vs 1 York 3’s
Men’s 3’s 9 vs 2 Liverpool hope 1’s

The futsal Men’s 3’s had three huge games this week, they lost the
first game however that seemed to wake up something inside the
players as they completely dominated in their next games against
York 3’s and Liverpool hope 1’s.

Men’s 3’s 2 vs 2 Leed’s 4’s
It was a well-balanced game with two very close teams going head to
head for a draw.

Men’s 1’s 6 vs 7 Newcastle 1’s
A narrow loss for the lacrosse team who only lost by 1 point to
top-class opposition

Netball 2’s 33 vs 24 Leeds 5’s
Netball 3’s 43 vs 34 Huddersfield 1’s
Netball 5’s 26 vs 31 Huddersfield 2’s

Another good week for the netball team who continue to beat whoever
gets in front of them.

Men’s 1’s 0 vs 6 Leeds Beckett 4’s
Men’s 2’s 0 vs 6 Durham 5’s

Hard fixtures for the tennis team this week as they look to regain their

Women’s 1’s 24 vs 2 York 1’s
Can anyone beat the women’s Waterpolo team who keep bulldozing
through teams left and right. with their high scoring style of play
coupled with great defensive players it’s hard to see how they will be

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