King Charity Boxing Night beats £2,000 target for Sheffield-based Cavendish Cancer Care

By Alicia Newton

A white-collar boxing match with a star raffle prize of Tyson Fury’s signed boxing gloves raised over £2,000 for a cancer charity.

Photo by Attentie Attentie for

It was organised by four Sheffield Hallam University Events Management students, Yasmine, Gail, Agata and Effie, who all took on leadership roles to ensure the event was the success.

Gail, the Operations and Health & Safety Lead, said: “You could see from the crowd that everyone had an amazing time, it was good.”

At the end of the night, the evaluation board showed that 100% of people who attended had rated the event as great with one comment saying that the night was absolutely incredible.

The night consisted of ten fights between 19 boxers which saw only three draws as everyone involved gave blood, sweat and tears to raise money for Cavendish Cancer Care.

Money was also raised for the charity through a fundraising challenge. On the event’s Instagram page it said: “The whole group is wearing onesies to our lectures/seminars for a day when we reach the £1440 milestone.”

More money was raised through a raffle on the night with the prizes such as Fury’s signed boxing gloves, spa days and free kickboxing lessons.

The raffle ensured that the target amount was exceeded as the fundraising goal of £2,000 was met nearly a month before the event took place.

On the success of the event, Gail said: “It’s been swings and roundabouts and it’s been very hard to get here but we did it and we hope everyone had fun.”

At the end of the final boxing match JJ, the ring announcer perfectly summed up the night as he said: “This has been one hell of an event.”

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