Shock as Olivia Blake takes Sheffield Hallam

Labour’s Olivia Blake has taken the seat for Sheffield Hallam from Liberal Democrats’ Laura Gordon in one of the biggest electoral shocks of the night.

After a tense night of results, Sheffield Hallam was the final constituency to be revealed after being subject to three recounts, with the final result being announced at past 4am.

Ms Blake was the winner, with a majority of only 712 and a total of 19,709 votes. She said in her winning speech “It has been a difficult night for party.”

Hallam has had a shaky few years, after previous MP Jared O’Mara stood down following a series of tweets from his former Chief of Staff Gareth Arnold. Arnold resigned through O’Mara’s Twitter account saying “Jared, you are the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with”.

Gareth Arnold, 27, former Chief of Staff to Gareth Arnold says, “I’ve known root vegetables who could have been a better MP than O’Mara. Blake must put pressure on the council to stop strangling business and do more for youth mental health services.”

“Vote in parliament, respect the referendum result and provide transparent ongoing communication with constituents to reassure them and help restore trust in the office.” – Gareth Arnold on Olivia Blake.

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