Aaron Rodgers: Fairytale ending or disappointing finish?

Michael Hoystead gives the latest on the intriguing QB situation in Greenbay

On the night of the 2021 NFL draft when the eyes of the world were firmly fixed on Cleveland and the stars of the future the current NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers dropped a bomb on the Packers stating that he had no intention of returning to the 4x Super Bowl winners.

Photo: Adrian Curiel

Reportedly disgruntled with the team and GM Brian Gutenkunst at the lack of ambition and help with signings in forward areas in recent years Rodgers requested a trade putting many teams on high alert (the 49ers reportedly offered a huge packet to secure the services of the 37 year old including the 3rd overall pick in the draft).

However in recent days its become clear that talk of a Rodgers trade would come to nothing (for now) with the playmaker signing on for at least one more year in Greenbay whilst voiding the final year of his contract but are the Packers and Rodgers set for Super Bowl glory in what could likely be his final year or will we see the start of a steady decline in wisconsin?.

Photo: Ameer Basheer

Whilst being one of the more successful teams in the NFL during Rodgers 16 years at the helm the Packers have only actually managed to win 1 super bowl in that time Losing 5 times in The NFC championship match and struggling to get to footballs biggest game. Rodgers at times has carried the team on his back dragging the Packers through play off games but what does a future without Rodgers at QB look like?.

Young playmaker Jordan Love was drafted by the Packers last off season without the knowledge of Rodgers (another decision which led to this situation) but can Love reach the heavy heights his predecessor has? Many in NFL circles don’t believe so, seeing Love as a good QB but not a great one, something that could be a hard transition for Packers fans following 16 seasons of Rodgers and another 16 years of Hall of famer Brett Favre before that.

For this season at least Greenbay will remain one of the Super Bowl favourites however beyond 2021 with the potential of losing Rodgers as well as disgruntled Wide receiver Davante Adams at the end of his deal the years infront may not be so successful for the Packers.

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