The car journey that nearly ended in disaster for ex-Scarborough player Adie Meyer and Neil Warnock

By Charlie Hopper

Neil Warnock managed over 1,500 games in his career, but a cold night driving down the motorway could have shaped his future in a very different way.

Adie Meyer

Warnock joined Scarborough from Burton Albion in 1986, and enjoyed a successful period at the club before his departure in 1989. The popular manager, who was recently sacked by Middlesbrough, enjoyed his first promotion at the McCain stadium.

Warnock brought a youthful Adie Meyer to Scarborough as an apprentice following a pre-season game at Burton Albion, and took a liking to the young defender throughout his time at the club.

“Neil was unique, and even at that age, I knew there was something a little different about him,” said Meyer.

“He always knew how to get the best out of people, he used to make me clean his car every Friday afternoon at the ground.

“Me and Tim Brown used to get a lift back with him and he used to drop us off at Junction 28, on the M1 as he headed back down south to Worksop.

“We got in the car at the stadium and he was slightly tired, so asked if me or Tim could drive.

“Neither of us could drive, but we set off, windows down, air conditioning on and the music loud, just trying to stay awake.

You could say that I saved his life

“On the M1, in the fast lane, I looked across at him and his eyes were shut. We veered across from the third lane to the first lane and I screamed and grabbed his arm.

“You could say that I saved his life.”

Scarborough FC was wound up in 2007, ending the club’s 128-year run, due to debts of up to £2.5 million.

Meyer was left heart broken when he found out that the club was set to fold and would no longer exist in the town.

He added: “To see what happened to the club was devastating, and to see that the council did nothing to help the club and keep it going, which was pretty harsh and there is someone is out there that is to blame

“The board and the chairman, at the time, didn’t do the right thing when I was forced to retire.

It left a sour taste after seven years at the club

“Financially things weren’t done, and it left a sour taste after seven years at the club.”

His team mate, Darren Foreman, loved playing alongside Meyer: ” I loved playing with Adie, he was such a strong character in the dressing room and was rock solid at the back.”

Meyer, who is now in a health club business, still has many happy memories from his time on the East coast, having made 144 appearances and scoring 12 goals at the club.

“Being a footballer was great and it’s something that I never thought I’d do.

“The opportunity to play at different grounds was amazing and I’ll always remember my first game away at Peterborough.

“Then we went to Walsall, Birmingham City, Wolves and plenty more of the big grounds around the country.

“Playing alongside these big players was a massive step up for myself.”

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